[GH] P7-01 F4 Paper


This F4 Paper potrait mockup is part of our Golden Hour Collection. Experience the natural morning light that engages your eyes.

Each mockup in this collection is meticulously designed to highlight the authentic textures of the objects, showcasing the interplay of light and shadow. We strive to achieve the perfect blend of realism and aesthetics.

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SKU: [GH] P7-01


Large 4240×2400 PX | 350 DPI


  • Layered 241,1 MB .PSD File
  • Guidesheet .PDF File

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PSD smart object feature


  • Up to 15 users
  • Includes digital advertising
  • Allows for physical ads and social media use
  • Limited resale for promotional products (up to 5000 units)
  • Unlimited time priode


  • Unlimited users within an organization
  • Extensive commercial use
  • Unlimited digital and physical ads
  • Unlimited product resale and distribution, but cannot be extracted and resold as standalone items
  • Unlimited time priode