Adobe is no longer the only developer or provider of design software in this era. However, it cannot be denied that Adobe still leads the market as the primary provider of design software for all creative professionals. As the digital industry market expands and evolves, other graphic design software providers have also emerged, offering features that are comparable to Adobe Photoshop, especially when it comes to using well-crafted mockups by OFFMOCKUPS.


Affinity Designer / Affinity Photo / Affinity Publisher

This design software suite is developed by Serif (Europe) Ltd, which was recently acquired by the Australian company Canva. Specifically, Affinity Photo is the most well-known alternative to Adobe Photoshop, especially since it includes the Embedded Document feature, which functions similarly to Photoshop’s Smart Object feature.

However, since the Affinity suite has only been used for the past few decades, many of its additional features are designed to match those commonly used by designers, particularly those in Adobe Photoshop. This is also why files exported from Adobe software can be easily accessed in the Affinity suite, but not as easily the other way around. This is also why our OFFMOCKUPS are still crafted using the latest Adobe Photoshop.

Despite its limitations, Serif’s three Affinity software programs are fundamentally appealing due to the seamless workflow they offer within a creative suite. One major advantage is the pricing: unlike Adobe, which operates on a subscription basis, Affinity provides full access to its features with a one-time payment at a very affordable price.

Additionally, Affinity software is available on Windows, macOS, and iPadOS. Ah, it seems like we’re advertising this software without even realizing it, 😅 Let’s get back to the main topic ~


Use our Mockups in Affinity Photo (TUTORIAL)

Basically, the process of using our mockups in this application is similar to Adobe Photoshop, with the easy steps explained in the Guidesheet.PDF that you’ll receive after purchasing and payment of one of our products.

There are a few initial settings that differentiate;
here’s a brief explanation.

  1. We’re using an iPad for this tutorial. Once you’ve downloaded and saved our product on your device, open the Affinity Photo app and access General Settings (On iPad, the settings menu is located at the bottom of the side menu)
  2. Make sure both of these settings are active/enabled; then, enjoy using the mockups by OFFMOCKUPS.